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Sunday, April 09, 2006

As long as he doesn't use the Schwartz...

Mel Brooks is adapting Young Frankenstein for Broadway:

The comic filmmaker, who made a monster hit musical out of his 1968 movie "The Producers," says he is adapting another of his classic film comedies for the stage -- this time the 1974 "Young Frankenstein," a spoof on the Frankenstein saga which he says is perhaps the best movie he ever made.

With no deadline set, Brooks says he is in the middle of writing the score, including a song for scary Frau Blucher, the caretaker of the Frankenstein castle still madly in love with that late, unlamented mad scientist.

When the whole musical is completed, Brooks says he will make a formal announcement to raise money.

"It is going to be wonderful," Brooks said in a telephone interview, just before he burst into a German-accented version of his Frau Blucher song:

"He vus my boyfriend; He vould come home in a snit; He vould have a terrible fit; I am the first thing he vould hit but I didn't give a shit; He vus my boyfriend."

I'm gonna give this 4 out of 5 OY!s. You think he's gonna make Blazing Saddles a musical medley any time soon?


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