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Monday, April 03, 2006

Bloody Vey!

In Hip Hop history, there has always been a connection between Jews and rap music. Producers, record label execs, jewelers, etc. But there are some who take it to a different level by using their Jewishness as inspiration for their music. Rappers likethe Beastie Boys, 3rd Bass, Hip Hop Hoodios, Blood of Abraham...the list goes on. Right now, Matisyahu is bringing a dose of Jewish identity to the normally Gentile American pop music.

Now, however, young Jewish "Heeb Hoppers" are taking London by storm.
A recent article in Metro, the free daily paper distributed in London's subway and train stations, heralded the rise of hip-hop artists promoting themselves with their Jewishness, including Chasidic New York-based beatboxer Matisyahu, whose latest album debuted on the American charts at No 4.

More surprisingly, though, Britain's youth is getting in on "Heeb Hop" more and more, as homegrown Jewish klezmer/hip hop acts like Emunah and Ghettoplotz are cropping up and winning awards.

Even London's hip-hop parody television personality, Ali G, whose real name is Sasha Baron Cohen, began his career rapping about Jewish life.

And who doesn't love Ali G?

In addition to mentioning Ghettoplotz and Emunah, the article also mentions Antithesis, a Zionist rapper out of Cambridge University. He says:
It's great to hear someone standing up, not being aggressive or anti-British but proud of their Jewishness
I have to admit...it's really great to hear this, especially since I'm moving to London in a few months. And now after Punk Purim in London (put on by Jewdas and NYC's own Jewish Hipsters, Heeb), it seems that maybe there will be more underground Jewish parties to look forward to.


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