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Sunday, April 09, 2006

" ... dirt-born bloggers get shadow boxed for trainin', y'all still eatin' bacon!"

Okay, so in case you couldn't figure it out on your own, I'm El Keter ben Tzadik, the new guy here at "A Berg Above The Rest." And yes, by "guy" I do mean "human with a (circumcised) penis." Which means Miss Hipstah is gonna have to change this blog's subtitle from "a jewess who likes blogging way too much" to something a little more gender inclusive. I'm thinking something like "yet another jewish controlled media outlet" might be appropriate, but I somehow doubt Miss Hipstah will agree.

Anyway, I crossed over into the blog world (much as Abraham, our forefather, crossed over from the land of Shinar to the land of Canaan, thus becoming a "Hebrew" lo so many years ago) when most of you johnny-come-lately blog schmucks were still using WebTV. I've been running an "underground culture" blog called Imageyenation.com since 2000. Prior to that I spent a lot of time tearing various people to shreds in religious debates all over the internet. I don't argue about that kind of stuff any more though. I'm just too busy playing records on the radio, posting MP3s to my blog, and now, contributing Hebrew-themed miscelany here at "A Berg Above The Rest."

If you're wondering where I'm "coming from" (as the kids say) you should know that... I'm 28 years old. I'm flat broke (I mean it, no matter who you are you probably have a lot more money than me... yes, that even includes you black people). I don't support the state of Israel or the "Palestinian cause." I don't get down with Rabbinic/Talmudic Judaism. I maintain that "Jewish" is an ethnic identity, not a religious identifier (and no, I don't accept that Jews are "white/caucasian"). I practice the ancient vow of the Nazir'Elohim (see Ba-Midar Ch. 6). I'm a DJ/beatmaker. I love music more than anything (accept maybe Diet Dr. Pepper). I like cool stuff (even though I'm not particularly "cool" myself). I need clothes... bad (some day Miss Hipstah will take me shopping). And finally, I'm single and looking for girls to cuddle with (ahem... ladies).

Look for me to post pretty regularly. And yes, I'll even be posting on Saturdays.


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