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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I don't even know where to begin...

They went and re-did The Ten Commandments.

Ok, so yeah, it was bound to happen. I mean they re-did Psycho. They re-did The Chronicles of Narnia. Now, Robert Dornhelm (Into The West fans may recognize the name) has tried to re-capture the beauty (cough) and majesty (cough cough) that was the Charlton Heston version (COUGH).

The cast includes Dougry Scott, Linus Roache, Mia Maestro, Naveen Andres (One reason to watch...he takes his shirt off. Female Lost fans understand), Padma Lakshmi and finally, a very old Omar Sharif.

Oh lord does this thing look like a piece of...well...something Moses may have stepped into while walking through the desert. And I don't mean manna. And not sand. Shut up. And apparently, the critics aren't exactly thrilled.

Not that I know that much about names that movie stars have before they change them. But to the best of my knowledge, none of these actors are Jewish. Not that you need to be Jewish to play Moses (coughCharltonHestoncough), but still it's hard to take the story seriously when Moses looks like a GQ model instead of a suffering Semite.

To be honest, I didn't watch it tonight when it premiered, namely because I didn't know about it and honestly, there were good episodes of Law & Order: CI on. But maybe tomorrow, if the mood is right, I will turn to ABC and catch it just in time to hear him say "Let my people GO!"...wait, what? He doesn't say those exact words? F*ck that...


  • At 2:48 AM, Blogger El Keter ben Tzadik said…

    Here's the thing, Moses wouldn't look like "a suffering Semite." He'd look like a pampered Egyptian, and then the respected son-in-law of the hired priest to a tribe of wealthy Arabs. While neither of those translates to "a GQ model," the picture of Moses wouldn't necessarily be that of a common worn-down Hebrew slave.


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