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Thursday, April 13, 2006

In The Passover Spirit...

I'm going to post about a movie that everyone has already posted about.

When Do We Eat? is a film about your typical dysfunctional family seder.

Directed by Salvador Litvak, this film stars Michael Lerner, Jack Klugman, Lesley Ann Warren, and Ben Feldman, just to name a few. The story is about "the world's fastest seder gone horribly awry." Ira Stuckman (Lerner) just wants to get through the family seder without any problems from his stubborn and picky family especially his difficult father (Klugman). His wife (Warren) is occupied with making the seder as different as possible and one of his sons (Feldman) decides this night (as opposed to any other night) would be a good night to spike Dad's drink with some Ecstasy. Arguements and religious hallucinations ensue.

This movie looks like a great family flick. I mean it. I showed my dad the trailer and he said almost immediately "We have GOT to go see that." (There are few movies my father actually enjoys watching, aside from Steven Seagal movies.) At the moment though, it is only playing in New York, California and Florida (where else do you find Jews?). Fortunately, (and according to the website) the film will be opening in the rest of the country in the next few months.

You can check out the trailer here


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