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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Like Cornbread and Gefilte Fish: E-Shy Ft. Daddy-O "Blacks & Jews"

So this is the latest track from E-Shy, the Jewish "Eminem." The track is called "Blacks and Jews" and asks the question of what really is the difference between Blacks and Jews. We've both, at some point, been enslaved. We've both faced oppression and segregation. We're both hated by White Supremacists. So really, what is the difference?

What E-Shy forgets to mention is how Jews have, through the luck of having lighter colored skin, assimilated into mainstream White majority culture. While Blacks are still very much a visible minority, Jews are not. There are less restrictions for Jews than there used to be.

Still, that does not mean we are completely accepted. Though some might claim that anti-Semitism (or just plain Jew-hating) is on the decrease, there still are a lot of people out there whose dislike towards Hebrews manifests in other ways. Also, Jews still have to fight against perpetual stereotypes, which we ourselves sometimes help perpetuate.

Look at the recent riots in Brooklyn. Or the fact that there are self proclaimed Nazis running for political office. And that's just in the United States. Don't get me started on Europe. Or better yet, the Middle East.

E-Shy is touching on a subject that has been in continual discussion for YEARS. Starting with the Civil Rights Movement going through the Crown Heights Riots up until today. And he's doing so through music, which is an outlet in which Jews and Blacks have always been able to communicate. Both groups do have a lot in common. Still, it's interesting that he is using a form of Black culture to open up this discussion. That move in and of itself opens up a new issue of appropriation, one that is very touchy when it comes to Black and Jews. In a recent article from the New York Times, Hip Hop writer Kelefa Sanneh discusses, in his review of Matisyahu, the issues of whites appropriating Black culture in order to base a music career. New faces, old story. What he doesn't touch on is the role in which Jews have used Black culture in order to assimilate into the white majority culture. Or worse, elevate themselves into mainstream pop culture. I.e. Al Jolson in blackface. I.e. The Beastie Boys.

The similarities and conflicts between Blacks and Jews is not going anywhere any time soon. Until we can all sit down and "just get along," I doubt E-Shy's song will really make a dent in the every growing issues.

Ed. Note: In my haste to publish this I forgot to add a shout out to Jewschool for the original video link. A big slicha to Mobius...I'll do better next time.


  • At 12:04 PM, Blogger Mobius said…

    nu, how 'bout a hat-tip? i know where you found this...

  • At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bill Kristol, Pipes, Wolfowitz, and Feith are all OGs in da hood. The were put down through out his-tor-e, now they stand at the top of mount zion (capitol hill).

    Blacks can't playa hate on the Bush Administration; afterall its head is not an evil white European but a jew, Jew, JEW.


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