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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What's A Nice Jewish Boy Like You Doing In A Place Like This?

Marc Ecko is claiming that he tagged Air Force 1 (the plane, not the shoe). And he has videos to prove it.

In the undated footage, you can see two hooded figures climbing over a fence to get to the sitting duck airplane. The third person (holding the camera) says ominously "This never happend." Once the other two get over the fence, they run over to the plane and tag the words "STILL FREE" on it.

How they weren't caught is beyond me. Also how anyone could get that close to Air Force 1 is beyond me. Which makes me wonder if this was perhaps shot pre-9/11. Perhaps it wasn't even shot during the George W. Bush administration. Who knows? If it was shot post 9/11, then way to go Homeland Security. If two guys with spray paint can get that close to the planes outer engines, imagine who else can.

At any rate, video is pretty cool, even if Marc's explanation as to why he did it, isn't.

Thanks to Stone over at The Couch Sessions for the link.


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