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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Ze Hazman" for Black Hebrews

So Israel's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest this year comes from a very unexpected place. Pop singer Eddie Butler will be performing the song "Ze Hazman" (This Is The Time) at the song festival in Athens.

Eddie Butler is a Black Hebrew, a group of black people originally from Chicago who came to Dimona, Israel claiming to be one of the lost twelve tribes. The began coming to Israel in 1969.

The group has struggled for recognition and citizenship for a long time. The Israeli government (and many Israeli citizens) discredit the group for being nothing more than a religious cult. Still, many of the people in the community have grown up in Israel and for all intents and purposes, are Israeli.

Butler doesn't seem to be too concerned with the politics at the moment though.

"I love the state of Israel," Butler said, "and I want to show every black and white person, here and abroad, what we can do."
If he wins, he definitely will be representing one of the lesser known marginalized people in Israel.


  • At 3:07 PM, Anonymous AbsolutJ said…

    How did a lost tribe of Israel end up in Chicago? Meh, they seem pretty cool to me, if they want to be Jewish Israel should let them... the more the merrier!


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