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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jewish Rappers Needing Extra Security? OY!

Israeli rapper Subliminal will be performing in London on May 21st with his group TACT Allstars.

Subliminal aka Kobi Shimoni, known for being Israel's leading Zionist rapper, is promoting his latest album Just When You Thought It Was Over, which features guest appearances by Wyclef Jean and Miri Ben Ari.

Promoters are worried about Plalestinian protestors. So they're keeping things really hush hush.

On a website promoting the concert, the promoters have not given out any details as to the location and will be directing fans to login to a secure website to get full details.

"For security reasons, this information is only available to ticket holders. The ticket contains all the information you need including a map and address of the venue. We will contact you with login information to view interactive maps and driving directions," the site says.

Not only are they making finding out the location a pain in the ass, but tickets are also RIDICULOUSLY priced: £35 (roughly $70) for standing seats and £70 (roughly $140) for the "VIP" balcony.

Security precautions or not, that's just silly. And does somebody know why in this picture, Subliminal is wearing a "Warn A Brotha" T-shirt?


  • At 12:14 AM, Anonymous emeyesi said…

    If you see the police. That's why. It's just asking folks to be polite.


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