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Monday, May 15, 2006

Rappers Being Provocative? Go On...

In Paris, there were signs posted around town that read one word: "Holocost." A mis-spelling of a terrible tragedy? Or the name of a African/Cambodian rap duo?

A French rap duo calling themselves “Holocost” caused a stir in Paris recently after they pasted promotional posters up around the city announcing the release of their new album. The black posters with the word “Holocost” printed in yellow and an image of an automatic weapon were seen throughout the French city and its suburbs.

The rap album, called “L’Argent de la Brinks,” was produced by the record label Ghetto Fabulous, which represents independent artists. The two artists behind Holocost are Shone, an immigrant to France from Burkina Faso, and KER, of Cambodian origin. Both the rappers are from Clichy/Montfermeil outside Paris, near the suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois where the race riots began last autumn.

On their website, the two explain why they chose the provocative name. “When we created ‘Holocost’…we wanted to find a name that makes you ask, why are they called that? There is a certain provocation, but it is to attract interest. ‘Holocost’ means to say the extermination of a race, agreed? We consider slavery as a manner of exterminating a race. We appropriated the term because we were also subjected to a holocaust, and there isn’t a separate expression for that.”

I have yet to hear their music (not that I would be able to understand it), but I was able to find the website mentioned in the article. Apparently the duo also go under a larger umbrella name of "The Ghetto Fabulous Gang." You can check out some of their songs at their website.


  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger El Keter ben Tzadik said…

    The word "holocaust" pre-dates the rise of the Nazi's and their "final solution" against Jews. Historically the word means "a sacrificial offering that is consumed entirely by flames" and was specifically used in reference to the biblical sacrifice in which an animal was wholly burnt on the altar in worship of God. Later the word took on the connotation of any destruction by fire. Only in recent years has it been used in refference to the destruction of human life by war or genocide.

    As far as these rap guys goes, they should know that there was already a Wu Tang affiliated emcee known as Holocaust ( he now goes by the name Warcloud ) who delivered what just might have been the best verse on the entirety of RZA's 'Bobby Digital in Stero' LP on the song "Holocaust ( Silkworm )."


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