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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

When Jews Get Down...

...we get FUNKY!

This past Saturday, amid all the drunken high school reunion celebrations I begrudgingly participated in, I managed to hang out and see one of my favorite Hebrew brothers.

MC Y-Love, the first and foremost black Orthodox Aramaic speaking rapper, came and performed at Bourbon (what was formerly Blue Room) in Adams Morgan, Washington DC. He, along with both the awesome and sexy DJ Handler and Ori Kaplan of Balkan Beat Box, took part in "Rhythm En Route", the Washington Jewish Music Festival.

Now, these guys know how to pack a house. This was one of the few performances Y-Love has given in DC (even though he hails from our friendly neighbor Baltimore...he was even mentioned in the B'more Jewish Times). With all the excitement of the show, it was almost impossible to get into the door. People filed in and out fanning themselves from the sheer insanity of it all.

When I finally got in the door, I saw that the dance floor was CRAZY. I made my way over to the DJ booth where I spotted the Mr. Y-Love rocking out to DJ Handler's beats. After the standard hellos, we spent the rest of the evening people watching the tons of Tribe Members getting down to klezmer sounds over hip hop beats and rap lyrics spit over Middle Eastern melodies. We even took part in some traditional (or not so traditional) dancing by using a sweatshirt as a makeshift handkerchief (as is customary for Orthodox men and women who are not related to use when dancing with each other...or at least as they did in Fiddler On The Roof).

(One thing I would like to note: There were certain areas of the club that smelled like 40 years in the desert...come on people! It's 5766! Deoderant does exist!)

After leaving Bourbon, we walked around Adam's Morgan before leaving to hang out with Jewish punks from Baltimore. It was definitely one of the more memorable evenings...

At any rate, for those of you who have no heard his music, you should really check out Y-Love's MySpace (posted above). Also, check out his blog This Is Babylon.

For more info on Y-Love and DJ Handler go to their Modular Moods label. You can also catch them performing at Makor (92nd St. Y in NYC) this weekend.

(Photo Source: Baltimore Jewish Times)


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