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Friday, June 02, 2006

New Music Update: Terry Poison

If you took a Brooklyn Hipster and a British punk/mod, put them in a bag, added a heavy hand of Israeli attitude and then shook the shit out of it, you might get a sound similar to Terry Poison.

This Israeli Pop group is coming at you...in more ways than one. With their tongue-in-cheek attitude and sexy styles, this trio is like a Jewish Charlie's angel...there's lead singer Louise Khan ("Being unstable and bitchy is part of her mystique"), keyboardist Petite Maler and bassist Gili Saar. Their "Charlie" is producer/DJ Bruno Grife who, according to their website, is pimping these ladies hardcore.

I know that they just had a show last night at Madame Jo Jos in London and they are probably heading back to Israel for a few shows. Whether they've been to the US yet, I'm not sure and when they are coming here...well who knows. And while I was hoping to be able to offer you an MP3 of their music, I wasn't able to find one. So instead, I'm offering up a YouTube of the music video for their song "Buzz on the Bell"

You can, of course, check out more Terry Poison tracks at their MySpace page


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