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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"But it's okay, I'm Jewish... "

While I may not have the same sort of "I used to date a Jewish girl" stories that our beloved webmistress Miss Hipstah does in my own arsenal of anecdotes, I too am sometimes greeted by strange public recognitions of my Jewishness. In fact, I have a number of such tales with which I could regale you. However, I'm going to restrict my reminiscence in this post to one such story, which also happens to be the most recent of the bunch.

A couple of weeks ago I made a long distance journey with a new friend to see her favorite band ever, psychedelic Goth-pop troupe Legendary Pink Dots, as their 25th Anniversary tour made it's stop at the Middle East in Cambridge. After the show my friend was psyched to meet the band's lead singer Edward Ka-Spell and possibly get him to autograph a limited edition book of his writings she had purchased earlier that evening at the merch table. The only problem was she didn't have a pen. Recognizing a young man who she had introduced me to earlier in the evening in a small crowd I bounded over and asked everybody standing there if anyone had a pen. One gruff fellow wearing a Misfits tee-shirt immediately handed me a pen. Upon handing me the writing utensil though he pointed at me and shouted "hey, you're Jewish!" "Yeah! Yeah I am!" I quickly retorted. To which he shouted "I'm Italian!" My only response to such a revelation was to give him the "thumbs up" spin around and bolt back to my pen-less friend so she could get her autograph.

As I stood by, awaiting the end of the autograph process, the young man I previously mentioned who was in fact the semi-familiar face which brought me to the group of strange would-be Jew-spotters in search of a pen in the first place sauntered over to where I was standing. The young man's name was in fact Bradley Sands, and during our earlier introduction it had been revealed that he was a writer and had recently published a book; a work of "bizarro fiction" called 'It Came From Below The Belt.' He now began telling me about said book, describing it as being about "a guy and his severed penis, and his severed penis is running for president... and his severed penis IS HITLER." This latter fact caused him to make known an extra, heretofore unimportant tidbit of information in the form of the addendum "but it's okay... I'm Jewish."

And ya know what? It was okay. And he was Jewish. A quick discussion delving into whether either of us were "synagogue Jews" that scraped the surface of our own ideas about what it means to be ethnically and religiously Jewish followed. And at one point I actually suggested that he stage a publicity stunt to promote his book by having a guy dressed up in a penis costume decked out in full Nazi regalia give a mock press conference in front of a local bookseller.

Seeing as how I don't own a penis costume or any Nazi regalia I can't help him do any such thing. But I can post a quick blurb about him, his Jewishness, and his book here at our humble little Jewish pop culture blog. Cuz after all, he is an author of bizarro fiction, and there's not much more bizarre an occurrence than having people point at you and shout "you're Jewish" for no apparent reason.

That's eerie synchronicity if ever there was such a thing


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