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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Really Hate To Stereotype

But is this guy a Jew? And if so, is he making other Jewish rappers look bad?

Every artist has his obstacles. For Harrison Schneider, they are wealth and privilege.

As a 16-year-old aspiring rapper from Long Island, Harrison did not grow up in a public housing project, come from a broken home or have an absentee father. He has never sold crack on the street, has never been shot or joined a gang — although he does belong to the local yacht club.

He lives with his parents and two younger brothers in a sprawling home in the wealthy suburb of Great Neck.

As a rapper, life has not been kind to Harrison: He is your basic white suburban teenager who has it all. But nothing, he vows, will keep him from succeeding as M.C. Problem Child.

“People can say I’m just another rich white boy from the suburbs,” he said. “But once they hear me rap, it’s a different story.”

And indeed, his verses are street-hard, blending clever lyricism with the rage of a hard-core urban rapper.

Ok, am I just totally stereotyping because his last name is Schneider and he lives in Great Neck?

Thanks to Eskay over at Nah Right for the link.


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