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Monday, August 07, 2006

Jesus Is My Friend On MySpace!

So the above picture is from a screen shot I did of my MySpace home page. It caught my attention for the simple fact that I couldn't remember ever seeing an add on MySpace for Jesus Christ. So I clicked on it.

The link took me to a questionaire for the Jesus Institute, an organization that is
"helping people of all backgrounds learn about the person of Jesus." The questions wanted to know what I wanted to know about Jesus. The site then suggested I take a "Jesus 101" course.

Thanks but no thanks.

Now, I'm fine with advertisements for ironic t-shirt companies or "Zwinkies" or whatver the hell other spam things people want you to download. But I do have a problem with Christians looking to convert using a webpage that many young and vulnerable (or old and vulnerable) people are using.



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