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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Like A New York Story...Except In Texas...

If you happen to be in New York City between August 11th and August 27th and you feel like seeing a non-typical Jewish story, go check out the play Hermanas. As part of FringeNYC, it's a play about Jewish-Mexican American life in Texas and was written by Monica Yudovich.

The plotline from the website:

HERMANAS is a new comedy about Jewish Mexican-American sisters, or “hermanas,” living in Texas. Just when 22 year old Lisette Hermán chooses stability, instability crashes into her life in the form of a rebellious sister, a dyslexic Latin Lover, a Hispanic-obsessed farm girl, an intriguing new neighbor and the most outrageous mother of all madres. HERMANAS explores relationships, independence and the often hilarious complications sparked by the blending of languages and cultures.

The play was a finalist in the 2005 MetLife Foundation Nuestras Voces National Playwriting Competition, so you know it has to be good.

You can get ticket info here.


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