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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New York Just Got A Little Sweeter

Israeli chocolatier Max Brenner is opening up in NYC:

First US branch of Israeli premium chocolatier Max Brenner opens in NYC; despite launch’s initial success, industry observers recall brand’s previous failed attempt to penetrate foreign markets

Residents of the Big Apple may have believed that they had it all, but Oded Brenner and the Strauss-Elite company proved otherwise. The buzz generated from the opening of the first Max Brenner franchise in New York has yet to die down, and a second Manhattan store is already scheduled to open in another two weeks. Meanwhile, Strauss-Elite is scouting out additional American markets, and the company hopes to launch a Las Vegas branch next year.

The rapid expansion plan reflects the company’s confidence in the chocolatier. After all, Max Brenner is the first chocolate cafe in New York. Although many residents are on strict diets, they certainly will not want to forgo their city’s latest attraction.

“Almost every person who walks in asks how come no one did this before,” reports Oded Brenner from the first store, located on the southern edge of Union Square. Avital Refaeli, Strauss-Elite’s New York representative who oversaw the shop’s planning and opening, sits next to Brenner. While Refaeli handles the business end, Brenner is the brand’s creative force.

When I was in Tel Aviv last week, I went with a good friend there. As a chocolate lover, I was not disappointed. They have the most AMAZING chocolate. Looking at the website, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are Max Brenner stores in Australia, Singapore and the Phillipines (go figure).

It's also not the only Israeli chain to open up in New York. Israeli coffee house Aroma (dubbed the Israeli Starbucks, but better) also has a store on Houston and Greene.

See...Israel can make the world sweeter!


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