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Thursday, August 10, 2006

On The "Home Front": Blogging From Israel Pt. 1

I arrived in Mevaserret yesterday and am currently sitting on one of my grandmother's fabulous red couches while a cool Jerusalem breeze blows in through the window. It's a beautiful, peaceful day outside, a far cry from what's going on up north. That is, however, what is on everyone's minds. My grandfather watched the news yesterday at full volume (he is, afterall, 96+) and Bebe Netanyahu was on discussing the war. While I do understand Hebrew more than I can speak it, it was hard to follow. But none of it sounded any good.

The only break was when the whole family (my aunt, uncle and cousins) watched the Macabbi Haifa vs. Liverpool game. (The score, for those of you who missed it, was 2-1 Liverpool. Haifa put up a good fight though.)

I'll be doing some MONDO vacation blogs with pictures over at Imageyenation which I may or may not post over here too. Either way, y'all are gonna get a full update on my adventures in Israel.

At any rate, I'll leave you for now with a news story that really made me angry. As some of you have heard, Reuters withdrew all the photos by Adnan Hajj after it was discovered that he doctored them up some.

Now, Ynet news is reporting that the New York Times may also have seriously screwed up:

A man who appeares to be playing dead in a New York Times photo essay entitled "attack in Tyre," is seen in other photographs in the same essay walking around and pointing.

Under the caption of the photo in question, the New York Times wrote: "The mayor of Tyre said that in the worst hit areas, bodies were still buried under the rubble, and he appealed to the Israelis to allow government authorities time to pull them out."

The Gate Way Pundit blog wrote: "From the New York Times photo essay by Tyler Hicks on July 27, 2006 comes this unbelievable fraud! Dead Guy with no dust shows up with hat in photo no. 2 pointing out something to the photographer."

You can also see him here in a third photo helping to put out a fire.

As a photographer, this upsets me. I was always a believer that a photojournalist's job was to report the truth and photograph what is really going on, not doctor it up to make a photo more "realistic" or make it more horrific. It's not about getting a Pulitzer. It's about informing the world.

But then again, I guess news reporting isn't really about the truth any more. It's all about entertainment and making one side look better.


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