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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What's A Jew To Do?

Originally posted at Imageyenation

Jews seem to be having the best week ever this week. Hell, maybe it's even the best month ever.

First off, there's that whole war in Lebanon thing that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Then as a reaction to that, six people "allegedly" got shot and one "allegedly" died in Seattle.

Now, it seems that everyone is all a mess over Mel Gibson's drunkenly anti-Semitic faux pas. There are a lot of speculationas as to the status of Gibson's career, especially considering that he's doing a mini-series on the Holocaust.

And that is what we "academics" like to call "irony."

At any rate, one thing that I've found particularly amusing throughout this whole thing is the amount of MP3 blogs that have posted Jew-related songs. I like the idea so much that I am going to post a bunch of Jew-related songs myself. Because maybe if a person listens to a song about Jews, (like Mel Gibson should have) he or she wouldn't hate them so much.

Ween - "Israel"

This is off of Ween's B-Side album Shinola: Vol. 1. It's definitely trippy.

Metronome - "Hanukkah Girl"

Ok, so I know it's not the season, but I kinda love this song. The fact that this is a love song to a Jewish girl from a Gentile boy just melts my heart. And makes me laugh. It's off of I Made It Out Of Clay: A Hanukkah Pop Compilation. You gotta love those Indie Jewish kids.

Silver Jews - "Rebel Jew"

Speaking of Indie Jewish kids...This song is actually partly about Jesus. So take that Mel!

>Y-Love and Shmash - "Hebrew Child/Fils d'Israel"

This is a track by my boy Y-Love who got together with fellow Jewish rapper Shmash to put out this multi-lingual track.

So I hope you enjoy this selection of Jew-ey music. Go on. Share it with someone you love.


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