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Saturday, August 12, 2006

When Hate Goes Cyber...On The Next Berg Above!

Reported yesterday: The website for the European Union of Jewish Students was hacked into by a group of apparently Arab hackers.

The website of the European Union of Jewish Students’ website, where the organization publishes daily briefings in solidarity with of Israel , was defaced by anti-Israel Arab hackers earlier this week.

EUJS announcements on the address eujs.org were replaced by an image depicting a burning Israeli flag and an accompanying text that read, ‘!!! Own3d by Team-Evil Arab Hackerz!!!, Israel Go to Hell."

Later on, a song “Allah Ouhakbar,” (translated from Arabic as G-d is great), appeared on the site, followed by a virus that collapsed the entire external server.

Despite this, the chair of the European Union of Jewish Students said that they "will not be intimidated by this cyber-terrorism or any other action of this kind" and will keep on supporting Israel.


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