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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jesus, Moses and Esther, OY VEY!

There is a company making plushy stuffed dolls that quote verses from the Bible.

Huggable Jesus is just one of the "the dolls that love you back," offered by a couple of biblical doll-makers in Boston, who hawk plush dolls "that pack fun and faith into one lovable, kid-sized package."

There is also Huggable Moses, who cradles in his arms two pillows like tablets and recites all Ten Commandments at the push of a button on the front of his brown robe, which is tied up with twine.

Cliff Rockwood said he and his wife started their "Holy Huggables" business to fill a need of their own child: "I wanted her to have a doll that delivers a message of love and moral grounds."

"It's better than giving a toy gun," he told AFP.

Now you can check out the website where you can buy the dolls. The front page shows pictures of little African children standing in big groups holding Jesus dolls. It's really bizarre.

Each doll quotes something different. The Moses doll for example says the Ten Commandments. Esther quotes verses from the book of Esther (big surprise there).

Personally, I find these dolls a little disturbing. I feel like these dolls could be used more for proselytizing children. And clearly, (to me at any rate), that's the intention when the website shows children in Uganda holding the dolls under a heading that reads "Global Outreach."


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